Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Diamond Disaster
 What would you do?
After losing over 100lbs my wedding rings didn't fit anymore. I've worn my rings every single day for over 10 years with  no issues. I took them to a local jeweler and had them sized and got them back about a week later.  Less than a week after that (last night) I found that one of the side diamonds were missing! MISSING! I looked all over the house with no luck. Hubby takes the ring back to the jeweler first thing this morning and here's what he was told.  When the ring was dropped off the prongs were unstable but were not repaired (they tell us when we picked up).  So the final outcome is.....they are charging us $75 to replace the lost diamond and repair all the prongs and guaranteeing the work for life as long as we come in every 6 months for a cleaning and prong check.  He also apologized for not informing us of the unstable prongs. All in all I'm satisfied. What are your thoughts?

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