Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shannah Boone
Bugs in My Lipgloss
Bugs in My Lipgloss - Single, Shannah Boone  
Click here to check out her single "Bugs in My Lipgloss" 
If you like country music, you will LOVE LOVE Shannah.
I remember vividly the night I "found" Shannah Boone on  It was the beginning of my insomnia and I had been awake for four days straight and was on my fourth night. Well, I was bored and going nuts and was looking at anything and everything on youtube to pass the time. UP pops Shannah with her violin playing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Now if you have ever heard this song, you know that not just anyone can play it! Shannah can. I fell in love with her talent right then and there. She has just released her first single "Bugs in My Lipgloss" (link above).  If you are feeling emotional, listen to her version of "Stay" by Sugarland on youtube. I cry like a baby every single time I listen to it. I encourage you to check it out.  The chick is amazing!
Keep up the AMAZING work Shannah! Seeing you live is on my bucket list ;)

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